Prayer * Walk * Worship

Although we cannot hold public worship in the building at St John's, the prayer life of the parish will continue. 

 On Sunday morning at 10am there will be an opportunity to do some Prayer Walking.   This begins with a short prayer and you can do it anywhere at any time, alone or in company (make sure you follow government guidelines)

Just 2 rules:

1  You don't have to go far or fast!  If you are not self-isolating and not in an "at risk" category, you could set off from the church - ensuring you are socially distant from anyone else doing the same.  

Or you could walk anywhere - streets, woodland - in your garden, or even your front room!

2.  Take a photo of something you notice along the way and email it to Amanda to share on the website page.  It would be great if you could include a brief comment or a prayer to help inspire and encourage others.

Keep an eye on this Prayer Walk Worship page to see where our journeys have taken us!

Leaflets with suggested prayers for the Prayer Walk are available by clicking the link below.

You can do your prayer walk at any time that suits you - doesn't have to be on Sunday, doesn't have to be 10am, and you may prefer to walk alone or in company with just one other "contact" at the suggested distance apart. 

 But, whenever and however you choose to Prayer Walk, please do send Amanda your photo so we can share our experiences together and experience our worship "in community". 

Please see below pictures taken by Church members on their weekly walks.



Prayer walk liturgy

Prayer walk liturgy (pdf)


Prayer Walk using Prayers from the Eucharist

Prayer walk liturgy - with Prayers from the Eucharist (pdf)