Weddings at St John's


Getting Married.......

If you’re reading this because you have just got engaged – congratulations! We’re delighted that you are considering getting married at St John’s and we want to do all we can help you plan what we hope will be a happy and memorable day(for all the right reasons!).


Who can get married at St John’s Church ?

There are some legal restrictions on who can get married in churches. Basically to be married here, you need a ‘qualifying connection’ with St John the Divine Church. You have such a connection if you or your partner : 

• Live in the parish

• Have ever resided for at least six  

  months in the parish. 

• Have or had a parent who ever 

  resided for at least six months during  

  your lifetime.

• Have ever habitually attended  

  worship at St John’s for at least six  


• Have or had a parent who habitually 

  attended worship in the parish for at 

  least six months during your lifetime. 

• Were baptized at St John’s.

• Were prepared for Confirmation by St 

  John’s, even if that Confirmation 

  service took place in a different 


• Have or had a parent or grandparent 

  who were married in the parish. 

 If  you’re not sure whether any of these 

  apply to you, please phone and discuss your situation with Jenny


Previously Divorced

We are an inclusive church, recognising that we all fail and make mistakes, and sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want them to. Recognising the continuing love and forgiveness of God for all his children, as his Church, we want to welcome everyone, including those who have been through the pain of a broken relationship.  The Bishops issue basic guidelines on the remarriage in church of people who have been divorced.

 So if this is you, and you would like to consider marrying again at St John’s please contact the Rector.

Weddings at St John’s


Arranging your wedding at St John’s

Please phone Jenny , the Rector. to start arranging your sepcial day.  We’ll ask you for some basic information, which we will eventually need for the marriage registers. You can book your wedding as far in advance as you like, or closer to the day if you prefer, but please bear in mind that you are being married by banns we need 3 consecutive Sundays to complete the legalities.   It probably makes.  Sense to arrange your reception venue at the same time as booking the church , and we try to be as flexible as we can to fit everything in. Just remember that legally, you have to be married between the hours of 8am and 6pm. We are happy to hold wedding services on any day of the week, except Sundays or during Lent or Advent (when the church is getting ready for Easter or Christmas) If you have a particular date in mind, please contact Jenny, the Rector.    In January of the year you are getting married (or earlier if you are getting married n the first months of the year), we will write to you with details of who will be officiating at your wedding. About 3 months before your wedding day, we suggest that you meet with the priest who will be officiating at your wedding service to talk through the details of the service – music, hymns, readings etc and decide on whether you would like the choir to sing etc. We will then put your choices together in an order of service, which we would hope to be able to send you an email, so you can arrange for it to be printed in a typeface and presentation of your choice.  The priest who will be officiating at your wedding will also be available to talk with you and help you prepare for this special day.



Finally, there will be a rehearsal, probably on the Thursday evening before your wedding day, involving the Couple, the Best man, whoever is giving the Bride away, and at least on of the bridesmaids and the ushers, or as many as can make it. Mums and Dads often like to come too.   If you think you would like to get married at St John’s, the best thing to do is contact Jenny, the Rector by phone or by e-mail

 or 0208 6572343


Getting Married at another church ?

If you are getting married elsewhere, and have been asked to contact us to have your banns read at St John’s please either email or phone Jenny, the Rector. She will ask you for details of your names and address(es), the parish(es) where your live, the church you are getting married at and the date of your wedding.  Your banns will be read at St John’ s on 3 consecutive Sundays, usually the first 3 weeks of the month before the month you get married, so please give us plenty of time to arrange this ! We will write to confirm the dates on which your banns will be called at St John’s.   There is a small charge for calling banns   If you think you would like to get married at St John’s, the best thing to do is contact Jenny, the Rector by phone or by e-mail or 0208 6572343

Weddings at St John’s


Renewing your vows or having a blessing.

Been married for a while? Planning an anniversary celebration? Back together after a difficult time?  Why not renew your vows together at St John’s?  We can help you arrange something small and informal or something larger for family and friends to share. Whatever you choose, renewing your vows at St John’s is a great way to mark a significant point in your relationship – or simply to celebrate how important you are to each other.  If you’d like to consider renewing your commitment to each other at a special service at St John’s, speak to Jenny.


Planning your wedding at another venue? Already married without a church ceremony?

Even if you prefer to hold your wedding ceremony at another venue, not a church, St John’s could still be part of your special celebrations!  Some people would love to be married in church, but for all kinds of reasons find the more practical way for them is to hold their wedding ceremony elsewhere. Here at St John’s we wish all those who make the commitment of marriage to each other every blessing, wherever you choose to hold the ceremony. But if you feel there’s something missing without a church service, have you thought about having a service of Blessing after your marriage elsewhere – either on the same day, or on another day to suit you?  We can help you arrange something small and informal, or something larger for family and friends to share. Whatever you choose, having your commitment to each other Blessed at St John’s is a great way to begin this exciting new chapter in your life together.  If you’d like to consider having your wedding blessed at St John’s, speak to Jenny.